The cartridge heating elements we supply are top quality and highly reliable, the result of design and laboratory tests and collaboration with our clientele to customize heating elements and assemblies to meet their specific needs.

We provide different types of cartridges according to the type of application, working temperature and specific load involved (cf. table):

  • With low, medium and high density and nickel-chrome resistive wire.
  • PTC (positive temperature coefficient) with ceramic semiconductor.

Cartridge heating elements optimize heat exchange to provide uniform heating of the application and are also used to heat very small masses with specific power and high temperatures.

Our cartridge heating elements are extremely versatile. Their structure, a stainless steel or incoloy sheath with one end closed and power wires coming out of the other end, makes installation and electrical connections simple.

They can operate in air or liquid, or fitted into a gauged hole in direct contact with metal.

Cartridge heating elements are CSA and UL approved with the following limits:

  • Maximum temperature: 850°C
  • Maximum voltage: 600 V
  • Maximum surface load: 35 W/cm2
Type of product Max. spec. load (W/cm2) Max. temperature (°C) Min-max diameter (mm)
High density 50 850 3.1-20
Medium density 10 600 3.1-20
Low density 6 450 6.35-60
PTC 6 240 9.5-12
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