We have been manufacturing top quality sheathed heating elements for fifty years. In 1965 we launched onto the market steel sheathed tubular heating elements and revolutionised the domestic washing machine sector which had until then used copper.

Well consolidated, tubular technology uses resistive wire in compressed magnesium oxide protected by a metal sheath.

Careful selection of raw materials and the strict quality standards regulating the Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies Group’s processes guarantee our sheathed tubular elements top quality, reliability over time (even with very high specific temperatures and charges), chemical-mechanical strength and safety under all conditions.

In particular for the sheath, which must stand up to thermal and mechanical stress and corrosion, we offer a wide choice of standard diameters (6.25 to 16 mm) and materials: stainless steel, Incoloy, inconel, cronifer, carbon steel, copper, titanium or special materials.

Our laboratories systematically check the quality of all materials, which are also guaranteed by a tracking system.

We provide tubular heaters in a large range of power, voltages, lengths (300 to 8,000 mm) and shapes. We bend the elements into flat or three dimensional shapes that are the most suitable for customers’ applications: simple U shaped heating elements, serpentines, rectangular or spiral shapes, etc.

We also manufacture cases and connections for explosion-proof heaters installed in explosive environments.

Sheathed tubular heating elements are extremely versatile and suitable for several applications and trades: energy, industrial processes, industrial machinery in general and machines for plastics, transport, air conditioning and domestic heating, catering, vending machines, professional washing and ironing machines and wellness.

In synergy with our customers we develop and produce a wide range of tubular heaters: plain, finned, cast assemblies, suitable for immersion or complex heat exchanger systems (flanged or duct heaters). The heaters can also be assembled with different elements (connections, flanges and threaded attachments) and fixing systems (coining, TIG welding, brazing).

Our tubular heating elements are CSA and UL approved.

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