We develop and supply a wide range of tubular electric heating elements.

In 1965 we brought tubular armored steel heating elements to the market, revolutionizing the domestic washing industry, which until then had been tied to the use of copper.

  • Sheath sizes
    from 4.5 mm to 16 mm

  • Materials Stainless
    steel, incoloy, inconel, cronifer, carbon steel copper, titanium, special materials

  • Lengths
    from 250 mm to 8,000 mm

Widely established, tubular heating element technology employs a resistive wire immersed in compressed magnesium oxide and protected by a metal sheath.

The careful selection of raw materials and the strict quality standards governing Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies’ processes guarantee our tubular heating elements high quality, reliability over time (even at high temperatures and specific loads), chemical-mechanical resistance, and safety under any conditions.

Our quality laboratories systematically check the quality of the materials used, which are also guaranteed by a traceability system.

We supply tubular heaters in a wide range of powers, voltages, lengths and shapes. In fact, we make, by bending, the flat and three-dimensional geometries that best suit the customer’s application.

From simple U-shaped tubular heating element to coil, rectangular shape to helical shape, etc.

We make housings and connections for explosion-proof heaters for use in hazardous environments.


Our armored tubular heating elements are extremely versatile, suitable for a variety of applications and sectors: energy, industrial processes, general industrial machinery and plastic processing machinery, transportation, air conditioning and domestic heating, mass catering, vending machines, professional washing and ironing, and wellness.