Our flat heating elements on a polyester backing provide intense heat in a small space, also on very large surfaces (up to 4 m2 or 0.7 X 5 m per single heater).

The polyester insulating sheets are just 0.075-0.250 mm thick and provide excellent efficiency and heat distribution. They can be PVC coated to increase their resistance to knocks and humidity.

In line with the customer’s project, our engineers accurately determine the right specific power and optimum distribution for the heating elements. This and workmanlike application guarantee a potentially infinite life cycle for polyester backed etched foil heating elements, with working temperature up to 100°C.

Our polyester backed etched foil heating elements are suitable for the aeronautics and telecommunications industries, as well as for different types of equipment (e.g. professional ironing, aesthetics and wellness, domestic heating, air conditioning, etc.).

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