The RC3/DC3 series of thermoregulators has features that are extremely simple to use, versatile configuration and absolutely reliable, and is moderately priced: distinctive features that make these models suitable for multiple industrial applications.

Just a few examples: controls for catering (heated cabinets, hobs, hotplates etc.), industrial refrigeration (with or without defrosting cycles), industrial thermoregulation in general (with positive or negative temperature set-ups).

Moreover, the various hardware configurations available for these regulators make them ‘flexible’ towards both temperature input probe (by NTC or PTC with a maximum expected range from -50°C ÷ +300°C) and load driving (SPST and/or SPDT relays up to a load of 12A), and also for supply voltage to the equipment itself (230 Vac or 115Vac – 50/60 Hz, or 9 ÷ 24 Vac/dc).

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