Mica band heaters comprise a nickel-chrome plate wound round a sheet of mica with an external cover in aluminium-plated sheet metal or stainless steel.

Operating temperature reaches 350°C, with specific charges up to 4 W/cm2.

Besides the band type, we can also offer flat mica heating elements that reach working temperatures of up to 450°C.

We also supply operating heating/cooling assemblies made up of mica band heaters, fitted with heat exchangers, if required, and a forced air cooling system.

Band heaters are commonly used in the plastics industry: to heat plasticization cylinders, extruders and injection presses. They are also employed on woodworking machinery and scientific-medical equipment.

Flat mica bands are used in the packing trade (sealing bars and wheels), industrial ironing (mangles) and plastics (extrusion/blower machines).

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