Ceramic band heaters comprise a nickel-chrome coil housed in steatite modular elements with an external cover in sheet Alusi or stainless steel. They are insulated by a layer of ceramic fibre that directs heat flow towards the surface to be heated and limits cover temperature.

They are suitable for working temperatures of up to 450°C and specific charges of up to 8 W/cm2.

Ceramic band heaters are mainly used in the plastics trade, for heating injection presses, extruders and blowers.

In particular we supply:

  • Standard band heaters, with diameters and widths customized for specific projects.
  • Ceramic heaters with triple cover that reduces external temperature to ensure energy savings and accident-proof operation
  • Flat heating elements.

We also produce operating assemblies comprising:

  • Ceramic band heaters and heat sinks.
  • Operating heating/cooling assemblies comprising ceramic band heaters, fitted to heat exchangers if necessary, with a forced air cooling system.

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