9 May 2022

Blue Supplier Portal: Sustainability, Innovation, and Technology


Sustainability, innovation, and technology: not just words but concrete actions that are at the heart of Zoppas Industries’ solutions, and that from today involve the entire production chain, in order to make a real difference.

Blue, the new suppliers portal, powered by Tesisquare, is the result of our desire to improve all our exchanges with suppliers, as part of the Digital Transformation process, that is essential to successfully manage the rapid changes of our time.

Blue, as central platform for managing the suppliers’ master data and for coordinating the business activities, accelerates the business processes. The acceleration of processes, reduced delivery times and an improved quality are the main targets of an automated procurement system.

After the launch in our European branches, Blue will then be progressively adopted worldwide, creating a fully interconnected system across the globe. The portal will make working with suppliers quicker, safer and more effective, ensuring even better quality for our clients.

Let’s work better, for a better world.

Our website will soon have a landing page dedicated to the BLUE supplier portal. Stay tuned!