Washing Machines and Dryers

We design and produce heating elements for professional and household washing machines, dryers and washer/dryers. Heating elements for professional washing machines are traditionally tubular and can be supplied with many flange variants together with a fitted safety valve. (Delete water heaters and wash tubs). Customised, complete systems including controls, fuses, NTCs and microswitches can also be designed and supplied.
Our other products include sheathed tubular heaters for dry cleaning machines, especially designed to work in contact with the aggressive solvents used in chemical cleaning of fabrics. To ensure maximum durability, we fine tune the design using appropriate sheath materials and element loading or power.

We supply sheathed heating elements with circular or rectangular fins for improved air heating. Stitched wire elements can also be used for professional and household dryers.

Components used within this type of application are all designed to operate in areas of higher temperatures and humidity. They are used for fan and airflow control, ensuring correct regulating and safety thermostat operation.

Sheathed heating elements are available in several diameters are used for the dryer function within washer dryer units.

Our design know-how, production experience and the results of laboratory tests come together to provide our customers with a highly qualified consultancy service that assists them in selecting the sheath material most suitable for guaranteeing maximum reliability and durability regarding temperature limits and use.

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