Wind Turbines

We produce heating elements and complete systems for wind power installations, with designs focusing on both customer specific requirements and industry certification needs.

Our range of leading edge heat solutions for wind turbines includes:

  • Ventilated heaters and sheathed tubular heating elements for maintaining gondola/shuttle temperature.
  • Tubular heating elements, etched foil heating elements and heating cables for maintaining generator temperature.
  • Anti condensation units for use in control panels, with etched foil elements, mica heating elements, tubular heating elements, heating cables and ventilated heaters.
  • Heaters for pre-heating lubrication and cooling fluids: immersion, tubular and cartridge heaters for lubricating fluids and hydraulic circuits; pre-heating units and flow heaters for cooling systems; etched foil heating elements for maintaining fluid tank temperature.
  • Tubular heating elements, resistive load banks, etched foil heating elements, mica heating elements, radiant aluminium heating elements, cartridge heating elements and other technologies for heating accessory applications such as power electronics, batteries, safety braking systems, etc.
  • De-icing for blades, ventilated heaters for internal heating, etched foil heating elements for surface heating
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