Preservation and Distribution

A wide range of products including remote and plug in units are supplied for counters, showcases, as well as refrigerated display cabinets:

  • Duct heaters for defrosting ceiling unit coolers.
  • Anti-condensation heating cables for glass doors and de-icing cables for door gaskets.
  • Evaporating kits for thawed water, complete with tubular or cartridge heating elements and water tray.

We produce heating cables, cartridge and band elements for pre-heating oil in commercial and industrial refrigeration compressors.

For no-frost domestic fridges we provide a range of products fitted with thermostats and safety devices if needed:

  • Heating cables on aluminium backing and aluminium tube heating elements for defrosting.
  • Tubular heating elements for re-evaporating thawed water.
  • Anti-condensation heaters.

We also manufacture special cartridge and mica band heating elements for absorption fridges.

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