Air Treatment Units

For air treatment units used in heating large areas and commercial spaces we supply a wide range of heating element designs, including:

  • Tubular heating elements, also with the option of vulcanized connections.
  • Finned aluminium heating elements.
  • Cartridge heaters.
  • Open coil heating elements.
  • Heaters for compressors.
  • Heating cables.
  • Etched foil heating elements.

Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the North American market, we have developed a range of dedicated open coil furnace heating elements which maximising efficiency and speed of air heating.

Tubular, cast, band and etched foil heat products are manufactured for use in humidification units.

The environment is important to us all, so we design high efficient elements for heat recovery systems (ground or air). These are new compact, unobtrusive, energy efficient appliances that minimize energy waste. These systems employ tubular heating elements, if necessary fitted with vulcanised connections, and etched foil type heating elements.

Chilled beams are another product for this market sector, and we produce high performance elements that meet the stringent requirements set by our customers.

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