Professional cooking

The following type of heating elements are supplied for professional equipment appliances, used when preparing food and recipes from many different gastronomic areas and cultural traditions.

  • Tubular heating elements and radiant heating elements for static ovens, cooking hobs, fry tops, fryers, pasta cookers and bratt pans.
  • Steam generators for combi ovens, steam ovens.
  • Flat tube heating elements for grills; their compact size and excellent heat exchanging properties also make them ideal for fryers and pasta cookers.
  • Electro-magnetic induction systems for cooking hobs, and wok heaters.

We produce individual heating elements and integrated systems, such as built-in or stand alone kits, which can fit into the framework of existing design ranges.

We also manufacture several complete systems, such as cooking hobs and fry tops in different materials, fryers, pasta cookers and grills etc, which are customized using any combination of either standard modules or bespoke solutions.

Whichever solution is chosen, all of our kits and products are designed and tested for maximum efficiency and safety in use, ease of maintenance and cleaning, strength and durability.

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